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Please fill this form to request membership 
in our paid Whatsapp group where we share 
our study material.

Step 1- Fill the form with all necessary info.

Step 2- Our team will contact you to confirm.

Step 3- You will be added to our group and be given 24 hours to make sure you're getting what you paid for.

Step 4- Payment of Rs 99 for a year.

Process to join the group.

By joining our group you'll get...


1. Daily newspaper of your choice (The Hindu or Indian Express), monthly Magazine (Yojna or Kurukshetra)

2. Daily summary of news, and highlighted pdf for quick easy reading. Monthly summary of Magazines.

4. All NCERT's required for your UPSC preparation in a subject-wise sorted manner.

5. All standard book's latest edition (eg M.Laxmikant, spectrum etc.).

6. Any material provided by major coaching centres. 

7. Any material required for preparation of optional subject.

8. Free initial guidance.

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