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We believe that every student is different and we have created the course and pattern of our website in different categories and explanation patterns which will help all students in learning according to their strength. We have categorized topics according to exams and subjects as well as a complete process in the dimension of time.

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We are the community which provides the preparation for the top level of exams of India especially UPSC.

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UPSC Civil services:
"Official Notification"

UPSC Civil services official notification is issued on 7th Feb 2018 for the next preliminary examination wihich is about to held on Jun 3. more information is available on 

Jun 3rd, 2018

Upper Age limit for UPSC can be lowered

There is a significant change in the pattern of the entrance exam of UPSC and it is heard that the upper age limit for the UPSC aspirants which is currently can be cut down to 26 this year. Approval is still pending.

March 17th, 2018


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