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Chief Justice N.V. Ramana and Executives show concern on the trend of disobeying court orders: CJI

Chief Justice N.V. Ramana showed up on 26th December 2021 on the executive for increasingly neglecting and even disobeying court orders, despite the fact that it was supposed to assist and work cooperatively with the judicial system throughout order for the law and order to prevail in the nation. Presiding Judge Ramana was delivering the fifth Lavu Venkateswarlu Endowment Speech on "Indian Judiciary: Future Challenges." He quoted a "non­-cooperative executive" as one of the concerns expressed before the judicial system. "Courts do not utilize the purse" Court orders are only efficacious if they are managed to carry responsibly. "The judiciary couldn't be entirely responsible unless the executive and the legislature make genuine efforts to fill vacant jurisdictional positions, designate prosecutors, strengthen infrastructure, and pass legislation with clear foresight and stakeholder analysis," he said.

The CJI indicated on the judicial appointments, "It is nowadays trendy to restate." 'Judges appoint their own judges,'. This is a widely held belief of mine “myths were spread." "In reality, the judiciary is just one of many players in the process.". This system includes the involvement of other authorities such as the Union Ministry Of law, individual states, the Head of state, the State Supreme court, the Intelligence Bureau, and, ultimately, the top executive," he described. "It is unfortunate that the well informed also spread the above-mentioned notion."