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Current affairs - January 21st, 2022 from Indian Express.

Current affairs - UPSC Ias and central posting

Editorial interview/Essay

Current affairs - UPSC from Home sunstantive equality

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 2 -Social justice

"Excellent examination scores do not imply merit; they do not reflect the social, economic, and cultural advantages that certain classes have and which contribute to their success on such examinations."

As a result of the decision, substantive equality, not just legal equality, was acknowledged. Article 15 (4) and (5) are not exceptions to Article 15 (1), which requires substantive equality.

In an open, competitive examination, all candidates have an equal chance to participate. However, large gaps in educational facilities will prevent certain groups from competing effectively in such a system. Disadvantaged women can compete effectively with upper-class women because of special arrangements (like reservations).

Current affairs - UPSC from Home Ukarine issue


Why is Putin threatening war with Ukraine? Who the heck knows? A successful invasion would position Russia as a powerful, expansionist force in Eastern Europe. It would make other democracies (like Taiwan) worry that they could be vulnerable to takeover by adjacent authoritarian countries (like China) (like china). He added that the demise of the Soviet Union was the "greatest geopolitical calamity." Ukraine was undoubtedly the most painful setback for Moscow. Analysts say war is the most likely result. Putin has lost patience with Ukraine and believes the US would not go to war over it.

Current affairs - UPSC from Home - Bank norms valuation

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 3 - Economics

Relaxation is emphasized, as are valuation standards, streamlining of non-performing assets provisions, reducing the term of tax-saving bank deposits, and eliminating the CST on additional interest charged in the event of defaults, among the banking sector's proposals to the government ahead of the Budget.

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