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Current affairs - March 1st, 2023 from The Hindu

1st march 2023 Current affairs - UPSC from The Hindu

1st march 2023 Current affairs - democratic progress

Religious divisions can be fixed through democratic processes

Important Editorial - Security

— the attacks are aimed to provoke state retribution and repression so that they can recruit more followers.

At one level, the recurrent and brazen assassinations indicate a breakdown of connections between the administration and the public, making it impossible for the administration to anticipate and avoid such attacks. The fact that regions that were generally safe for the minority group even during the zenith of militancy have now become hazardous implies that the administration should reassess its Valley security policies.

The Valley's disaffection has been used by radicals to polarise. Only an effective government by Valley residents' elected representatives can repair trust between the administration.

1st march 2023 Current affairs - adopt heritage

The "Adopt a Heritage" programme gets a thumbs-down.

Important Editorial - Art & Culture

The Union Ministry of Culture allows private firms, companies, and public sector units to adopt and manage State-owned archaeological sites and monuments. Companies that sign such agreements will be called Monument Mitras.

If 500 protected sites are adopted by August 15, firms may utilize their Corporate Social Responsibility funding to build and maintain ticket offices, restaurants, museums, interpretive centers, bathrooms, and footpaths at selected locations.

Guided excursions and cultural programs Excavations may reveal monuments' historical contexts may threaten the livelihoods of those who have lived around the site and told visitors about its colourful past.

What will happen to monuments not adopted by Monument Mitras in the set time frame? According to media reports, the Uttar Pradesh government has started giving such memorials to the Tourism Department to repurpose into hotels. If Monument Mitras are adopted, businesses can help citizens understand why monuments matter.

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