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Current affairs - March 2nd, 2023 from The Hindu

Current affairs from The Hindu - UPSC From Home

G20 to extradite Current affairs - UPSC from The Hindu

India requests G20 extradite economic offenders

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 2 - International Relation

The swift extradition of fugitive economic offenders and the prompt seizure of their assets demand cooperative efforts on a global scale.

A "fugitive economic offender" (FEO) is "a person against whom any court in India has issued an arrest warrant to a scheduled offense and who has departed India to avoid criminal prosecution, or refuses to return to face criminal prosecution."

math is not for girls Current affairs - UPSC from The Hindu

"Math is not for a girl" is being phased out gradually

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 1 - Society

Boys preferred math and science over girls. Even science-interested girls preferred life sciences over physical sciences. Boys consistently outperform girls in math. This suggests a lack of enthusiasm and knowledge in the subject, which could affect academic and job performance.

Many blame these discrepancies on "ability" rather than social and cultural standards. "Science and moths are made for males and arts and humanities for girls" is typical of parental, family, and school stereotyping.

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) also recognises gender-related education gaps. It recognises the need for interventions to improve girls' attendance and academic achievement across all social categories. It also calls for gender-sensitive teacher training and a "Gender-Inclusive Fund" to implement the National Curriculum Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) produced by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), References to female mathematicians in textbooks, female names and characters in word puzzles, and exposure to female STEM role models in the course curriculum are other easy modifications that may be useful.

s400 regiments Current affairs - UPSC from The Hindu

All five S­400 regiments delivery expected by early 2024

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 3 - Security

According to government sources, the $5.43­billion deal with Russia for air defence systems is likely to be concluded by the end of the year or the beginning of the next year, 2024.

With the spectre of U.S. penalties under CAATSA (Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act), the two sides had already arranged payments through the rupee­rouble exchange in order to finish delivery of the third S­400 regiment. The problems with payments escalated after Russia was cut off from the international SWIFT system for money transactions.

anti-defection law Current affairs - UPSC from The Hindu

Anti-defection statute applies to faction splits: Sena hearing

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 2 - Polity

The anti­defection rule still stands if a political party splits and one side succeeds in forming a majority inside the remaining party because "a split does not entail that people who are party to the split leave the party... The Chief Justice ruled that the Tenth Schedule did not differentiate between majority and minority groups.

Daily Newspaper from The Hindu

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