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Role of an AFHQCS Officer - UPSC

Role of an AFHQCS Officer - UPSC

In this article, you'll learn the meaning of AFHQCS, the roles of AFHQCS officers, their salary, the perks they enjoy and the challenges they encounter. AFHQCS is an acronym for "Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service." It is a 'Group B' Central Civil Service established in 1968 under the Ministry of Defense.

This service was constituted to set up dedicated administrative pillars, which are essential in the proper functioning of the Ministry of Defense. Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service is a civilian post and not subjected to technical and combat operations.

Officers in this service serve in the Integrated Headquarters of the Armed Forces, Integrated Defense Staff Headquarters, different Inter-Service Organisations and the Ministry of Defense. Presently, Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service has six grades ranging from Assistant Section Officer to Principal Director.

Responsibilities of an AFHQCS Officer

Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service officers perform the roles and responsibilities listed below:

  • Submission of extensive reports and updates to the government

  • Provision of civilian staff, secretarial, clerical and support services to Armed Forces Headquarters and Inter-Services Organization

  • Ensuring maintenance of order and discipline in their section

  • Weekly scrutinization of section diaries to ensure proper functioning in different sections

  • Ensuring timely submission of arrears and other returns

  • Implementation of new techniques to upgrade document storage and information collection activities

  • Conducting surveys on underperforming activities

  • Ensuring proper maintenance of registers in the section

Salary and Benefits of an AFHQCS Officer

As we mentioned earlier that this service presently has six grades, and the varying salary of different grade is hierarchically listed as follows:




Principal Director (Group 'A')

​Rs 37,400 - Rs 67,000

Rs 10,000

Director (Group 'A')

Rs 37,400 - Rs 67,000

Rs 8,700

Joint Director (Group 'A')

Rs 15,600 - Rs 39,100

Rs 7,600

Deputy Director (Group 'A')

Rs 15,600 - 39,100

Rs 6,600

Section Officer (Group 'B')

Rs 9,300 - Rs 38,400

Rs 4,800

Assistant Section Officer (Group B' Non-Gazetted)

Rs 9,300 - Rs 38,400

Rs 4,600

Perks of an AFHQCS Officer

Now, we'll talk about the opportunities and benefits enjoyed by officers that work in Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service.

  • Officers have the opportunity to serve at state, national and international levels.

  • The duty post of this service is majorly Delhi-based; hence, officers are kept from difficult locations.

  • Officers in AFHQ have a good balance of work and personal life as there is no work shift but only regular working hours.

  • Officers have access to decent government accommodation, food canteen and medical treatment.

How to become an AFHQCS officer?

1. Become a Graduate: In order to become an AFHQCS officer, you must have completed a graduate degree from a recognized university.

2. Clear the Civil Services Examination: After completing graduation, you must appear for and clear the Civil Services Examination held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

3. Attend the Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview: After clearing the Civil Services Examination, you must attend and successfully clear the Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview.

4. Clear the Medical Examination: After clearing the SSB Interview, you must appear for and pass the Medical Examination conducted by the Indian Armed Forces.

5. Join the AFHQCS Officially: After clearing the Medical Examination, you can join the Indian Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service as an officer.

Challenges of an AFHQCS Officer

The significant challenges of this civil service are that it is a 'Group B' service; other challenges faced by officers in this service include Power conflict between the military and Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Minimal interaction with the public and a narrow job profile because it deals only with defense forces.

Friendly Conclusion

You've now gained the needful insight about Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service. A career in this path is a gratitude within itself, as AFHQCS officers are the backbone of the Indian Armed Forces, playing an important role in managing personnel, finance, and other administrative operations. Their dedication and hard work ensure the smooth functioning of the Indian Armed Forces and thus are an integral part of the country's defense system.

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