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Role of an ITS Officer - UPSC

Role of an ITS Officer - UPSC

The importance of ITS should be emphasized, as it is vital for the smooth running of the country's economy and the country's progress. In this article, you'll learn the role of an ITS officers, the perks they enjoy, and their salary. And, as we know, that for every up, there is always a down. You'll also get to know some of the challenges the officers face.

ITS is an acronym that stands for Indian Trade service. It falls under the Group A section of the central civil services of the Government of India. ITS was created to handle India's international trade and commerce based on the recommendations of the Mathur Committee in 1965 (a study group on the body overseeing import and export commerce led by Sri H.C. Mathur, a member of parliament).).

The authority of the Indian Trade Service is currently controlled by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT) under the Ministry of Commerce. The Indian Trade Service was established for the unique role of increasing Indian International Trade and Commerce.

ITS is divided into nine different divisions:

  1. International Trade Policy Division

  2. Foreign Trade Policy Division

  3. Export Product Division

  4. Export Industries Division

  5. Export Services Division

  6. Economic Division