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Role Of An ICLS Officer - UPSC

Role Of An ICLS Officer - UPSC

Implementation and administration of India’s Companies Act, 2013 are two primary duties of ICLS officers. The UPSC’s group A services include the Indian Corporate Law Services (ICLS).

A Group A service, the Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS), provides legal counsel to Indian corporations. Before this change, the only way to get a job was through the UPSC, which conducted an interview.

Central Training Institute mandated to conduct Professional Course Programs, Mid-Career Training Programs, and other capacity-building programs for the ICLS Officers.

Their subordinate feeder cadres are the Indian Corporate Law Service Academy under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. India’s Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Plot 6,7,8 Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Delhi 122052 is where the Academy is located.

Indian Corporate Law Services: Their Functions and Responsibilities (ICLS)

Officers of the Indian Corporate Law Services (ICLS) are stationed at the ministry’s headquarters to carry out various duties, including the formulation of policies, the publication of rules and regulations, and other notifications.

In their role as Registrar of Companies (RoC), they are responsible for ensuring that all businesses submit their yearly returns and balance sheets. If they discover an error in the paperwork, they have the option of conducting an investigation and filing a civil lawsuit.

It is common for officers to be held responsible for liquidating the companies as ordered by the court as Official Liquidators (OL).