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Role of an IDAS Officer - UPSC

Role of an IDAS Officer - UPSC

IDAS is the acronym for Indian Defense Accounts Services. This department has been providing valuable services for more than a couple of centuries. The one who wants to be an IDAS officer has to pass the UPSC civil examination in theory and interview. In addition to the qualifications, special training is also given to the selected candidates. IDAS looks after the accounts and provides audit services too.

Responsibilities of an IDAS officer:

The main responsibilities of an IDAS officer include:

  • Furnishing financial counselling to all three defence departments (Army, Air Force, and Navy) as well as the allied organizations.

  • Dispatching the payments to all the related institutions

  • Make sure that all the accounting functions run smoothly.

  • Keeping records and running all the accounting tasks that fall under the DRDO, ordnance factories, border defining departments, and CSD.

The salary and benefits of an IDAS officer:

The approximate salary of an IDAS officer is Rs. 80,000, which has an increment possibility of 3% annually. This 8K is a round figure and is varied with different designations.

Perks of being an IDAS Officer:

  • Bulwarks, helpers, and assistants are the most fascinating perk of an IDAS officer.

  • An IDAS officer enjoys the perk of having accommodation in snug and congenial houses and flats at economical rates.

  • Medical facilities are given to an IDAS officer at liberty.

  • All the utilities (electricity, water, fuel) are supplied to an IDAS for nothing.

  • The pension is a fascinating perk, every perk grasped by an IDAS officer.

  • IDSA officers enjoy designations as majors or lieutenant colonels during peacekeeping missions. In these missions, IDAS officers wear army uniforms throughout.

The powers of being an IDAS officer:

An IDAS officer enjoys getting the reach of defence departments that are extremely sensitive areas and unreachable for the common public. These officers get to know all the prominent personalities of the three defence departments and remain friendly with them; this close relationship compels them to enjoy the same powers as their friends. Financial handling makes them able to make others cooperative and conscious of them. IDAS officers go along with the Army for peacekeeping missions as counsellors in monetary affairs. Throughout these missions, these IDAS officers wear military uniforms and enjoy the rank of Major or Lieutenant Colonel. These ranks are mentioned on their uniforms.

Challenges faced by an IDAS officer:

The duties of an IDAS officer make them responsible for all the financial matters related to all the A group departments of the state, which are exceptionally sensitive to handle. It is the most threatening task to do as the tiny inaccuracy can make big blunders. IDAS officers cannot enjoy leisure duty hours. They have to be dynamic and smart in their working hours.

Friendly Conclusion:

The respected ADIS officers are the personalities gathered from the heap of general mass who had gone through the hardest exams to get their dream post. They are the coordinators of the state and defence departments when talking about the money involving affairs. Having sharp brains, strong character, honest hearts, IDAS officers run the soul of the Republic of India.

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