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Role of an IFoS Officer - UPSC

IFoS stands for "Indian Forest Service". It was founded in 1966 and is known as the central natural resource service among the three All Indian Services. It was constituted by the government of India under the all Indian Services Act,1951.

Responsibilities of an IFoS officer

  • To look after plants and animals, and conserve them.

  • To always find ways to conserve the forest and keep its livelihood.

  • To welcome and find out more opportunities for the stability of nature, and the ecological system.

  • To enhance positive opportunities for the development of wildlife and the environment of forests.

Salary and Benefits of an IFoS Officer

The basic salary of IFoS is Rs 60,000 per month but it has the chance to increase to 2.4 lakhs. The salary goes high in a case if the person is posted in foreign countries and that also under the special foreign allowance. There are certain benefits in the job of IFoS which are accommodation, transportation, medical, and some more.

Perks of an IFoS Officer

  • They are provided with house guards and helpers for household works.

  • Accommodation of beautiful and comfortable houses and flats at very cheap rates.

  • Medical treatment expenses are provided

  • Electricity, water, car facility is provided.

  • Pension benefits.

Power of an IFoS Officer

As an IFS officer, you get an opportunity to enter pristine forests of India, National parks, WLS, etc. Which otherwise is difficult for common people. They also get to stay in amazing forest rest houses. Just like other all Indian Services, forest service officers are too provided with an official bungalow and a vehicle with a driver.

Challenges of an IFoS Officer

IFos officers are the administrator of the forest .they have complete power over everything happening in the forest. It’s up to them what changes they want in the forest. They play the main role in the forest. They have the full right in managing the wildlife, forest, sanctuaries, away from this they also look after the soil and water conservation. they have the power on registering FIRs for the offenses caused to the wildlife and forest.

The duty of the forest officers is to protect and conserve the forest, environment and animals. They face a lot of challenges in doing this, they constantly have to check on what’s happening in the forest and has to make a report about it and sometimes even register fIR on something unwanted happening like cutting of trees, hunting animals for some useless purpose of our lives, destroying the peace of the forest and the wildlife and the last one going against the rules made.

Friendly Conclusion

The Indian Forest Service Officer protects the forest from deforestation, fires caused by some reasons, animals from getting hunted. They deal with all kinds of stuff like some natural and manmade calamities. Our country has some specific breeds of animals and plants which is needed to be protected and our Indian Service Forest Officers act as a great heroes in this case and preserve them. They look after all the circumstances and make sure that these plants and animals remain safe and grow perfectly. So now it is very much clear that the main work of the Indian Forest Service Officer is to maintain and protect the stability of the environment and life.


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