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Role of an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officer - UPSC

job role of ifs officer

An Indian Foreign Service Officer serves as an ambassador, assisting in the management of bilateral political and economic relations. To carry out their duties, IFS officers have three key abilities. Negotiating, watching, and keeping healthy relationships with foreign countries are examples of this.

Responsibility of an IFS Officer

Indian Foreign Service Officers have a greater responsibility than the average person; their job title reflects the variety of duties they perform. They represent India at numerous embassies, higher commissions, and even consulates around the world. They even work for international organizations such as the United Nations on permanent missions. They have the responsibility of alerting others about happenings in the country in which they are stationed, which aids in influencing India.

Salary and Benefits of an IFS Officer

There are 6 levels of distribution according to one's roles in the IFS section depending on the salary is based accordingly.

1. Junior Time Scale -

Officers at this level begin as Under Secretaries, and their pay is based on their experience.

This is the pay scale for a freshly assigned officer.

Basic Pay: 8000 INR