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Role of an IOFS Officer - UPSC

Role of an Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)

The Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) was formed in 1775 by the British Government. But now this service has the responsibility of overseeing the Indian Ordnance Factories that provide the Indian defence production abilities. This means that an IOFS officer is a Gazetted defence-civilian officer under the country's Ministry of Defence.

However, you have to understand there are two types of positions in this service. The technical position and non-technical position. To get recruited into the non-technical position, you have to pass through the Civil Service Examination while for the technical positions, you have to take the Engineering Service Examination.

Responsibilities of an IOFS Officer

  • Engage in designing and creating new products, researching and developing patterns for the product's design.

  • An IOFS officer participates in project management including project initiation, policies execution, and enforcement of technical and legal marks of projects.

  • They are responsible for securing materials, planning the production of defence products, and also, ensuring quality control.

  • As an IOFS officer, you ensure there are precautionary and safety measures at the factory where you're posted, ensuring the defence products are produced, and there is workforce welfare for the workers.

Salary and Benefits of an IOFS Officer

The salary of an IOFS is rewarding. The job is one of the favourable jobs in India because of the high salary and perks.