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Role of an IPS Officer - UPSC

IPS officers or Indian Police service officers represent all India, and their duty is considered all Indian services. Every year thousands and lakhs of students appear in an exam, but some among them pass and the go-ahead for further procedures. And after passing exams, they fulfill their dreams and climb the ladder of success. An IPS officer is chosen out of lakhs who appear in the Union Public Service Commission, Civil Services Examination. Indian Police Service is the backbone on which India's law and order situation rest.

Responsibilities of an IPS Officer

IPS officers have to perform challenging and valuable duties. The IPS works towards protecting the lives of citizens and checking that all laws are implemented on all citizens. They can be allotted that chief officers the state and central police force.

The major duty and responsibility of an IPS officer are that

  • Tackling smuggling.

  • Disaster management.

  • Maintain tracking system.

  • to maintain peace and order.

  • Crime prevention, investigation on time, and detection.

  • The role of an IPS officer is to Implement protection law.

  • Leading and commanding the Indian intelligence agencies.

  • Border policing, Leading and commanding the central forces.

Several IPS officers have been awarded, like Ashok chakra, for their contribution to society.

Salary and Benefits

IPS officers have major and important tasks to solve, and an officer should remain loyal to their duties and responsibilities. According to their responsibilities, they are awarded by huge benefits and a good amount of salary.

The salary of an IPS officer increases as per rank, with a junior officer like a Deputy Superintendent of police earning INR 56000 per month. A Senior Superintendent of police earns INR 78800. Inspector General of police earns approximately INR 1,44,000. At its highest level, a Director-General of police would earn as much as INR 2,25,000 a month. Key benefits include free accommodation, domestic help, official vehicle job security.

Other benefits besides salary are as under:

  • Rent-free accommodation at minimal rates

  • Security guards and domestic help

  • Option for taking study leave abroad.

  • Official vehicle facility with hooter and lights.

  • Free electricity, gas, and telephone bills.

  • High level of job security

  • Power and respect that an officer commands.

  • Pension for the rest of their lives post-retirement, provident fund, gratuity, healthcare,

Perks of an IPS Officer

There are so many perks and benefits for an IPS OFFICER

  • Helpers

  • Free bills

  • Security

  • Highly-paid

  • Free accommodation

  • High-level protocol and protection.

  • These all are perks of an officer.

Power of an IPS Officer

According to the role, An IPS officer is the custodian of law and order as per the constitution of India. The power of an IPS officer reflects in the responsibilities the role carries. The primary responsibility of an IPS officer is to keep the people in the jurisdiction safe. An IPS officer can investigate or reopen any case within their jurisdiction. They are the chiefs of police at a district level. They lead the state as well as paramilitary forces at the district level. They can use every legitimate power as stated in the constitution. They can arrest anyone in criminal matters even if they are at high government positions like that of an IAS or MLA OR MP. They can raid any premises with a valid warrant signed by a judge.


An IPS officer has to face many hard challenges throughout their service because he has much more responsibility in order to keep peace and prosperity. The role of an IPS officer is highly demanding in Indian society. IPS officer has responsibility for the security of high and VIP people. Another challenge of an IPS officer is to control disaster and crisis management. This is a high duty for an officer to maintain disasters situation.


At last, we can say that an IPS officer is a highly demanding profession because more benefits are for these officers. The whole life of an Officer revolves around different challenges. And an officer should hard work, dutiful, loyal and sincere in all his responsibilities and duties.

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