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Role of an IRTS Officer - UPSC

Role of an IRTS Officer - UPSC

IRTS, in full term, means Indian Railway Traffic Service. It is one of the Group A Central Civil Service cadres of the Government of India. It was formed in 1889 and had a cadre size of about 900. It was formerly known as "Officers of the Superior Revenue Establishment of the Traffic, Transportation, and Commercial Department of Indian Railways." Still, on the 4th of March, 1967, it was renamed "Indian Railway Traffic Service."

The primary object of this service is to manage the transportation department of the Indian Railways service.

The traffic department comprises two branches:

  1. Operation branch: which deals with freight train logistics

  2. Commercial branch: which deals with the revenue earnings of the railways.

Responsibilities of an IRTS OFFICERS

IRTS officers are entrusted with the train operation; they predominantly look after the train route traffic operations. It is important to note that the running of the trains is never halted; that is, the trains run all day; hence, the officers in this service work every day for at least the first two years of service. As we've discussed, the IRTS department has two different branches; hence, there are different roles for different branches.

The roles of officers in the operations branch include:

  • Ensuring efficient and safe transportation of freight and passengers

  • Ensuring optimum utilization of railway assets