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Role of an ISS Officer - UPSC

Role of an ISS Officer - UPSC

"Indian Information Service" (IIS) is an abbreviation for this organisation.

The Indian government's Executive Branch recognised it as the Central Civil Services (Groups A and B) when it was created on March 1, 1960, and it is now known as the Indian Civil Services (CCS). The information and broadcasting ministries are in charge of the organisation (India).

Responsibilities of an IIS Officer

An IIS Officer tasks include:

● Organize visual publicity campaigns and press conferences.

● Supervise, guide, and control the field publicity units.

● Plan and carry out media strategies.

● Monitor complex legal issues.

● Supervising the coordination work and looking after the administration of PIB headquarters.

● Guiding, controlling, and supervising News Services Units.

Salary and Benefits of an IIS Officer

Depending on the cadre, the IIS system is structured with varying pay scales and grades. The salary of an IIS Officer can range from INR 15,600 - 39,100 plus a grade ranging from INR 5400-80000. IIS officers influence those in higher authorities, and you have a chance for promotion, i.e., it provides a growth advantage to excellent workers. The job comes with many other benefits like accommodation, medical, transportation, and some more.

Perks of being an IIS Officer

● House guards and helpers to help with household work.

● Accommodation is provided at cheap rates.

● Medical treatment expenses are catered for.

● Electricity, water, and other necessary basic amenities are provided.

● Pension benefits.

Power of being an IIS Officer

The Indian information service generally referred to as the media arm of the Indian government, has the power to act in some areas, which include Press information bureau.

  • They are given the power to oversee the work or functions of the press information bureau.

  • They are deployed to other departments on deputation, such as serving as secretaries in the central government.

  • Directorate of advertising and publicity.

  • They have the power to organize campaigns. They carry out the public duty of the government.

  • They also have a directorate publication division.

Overseeing the legal issues that may arise during the verification of titles or circulation and registration of newspapers.

Challenges Faced by an IIS Officer

The Indian information service (IIS), Is a crucial link of communication between the public and the government.

  • Lack of competency has been the major challenge of IIS, As it involves collecting and providing feedback to the government.

  • Technology literacy is one of the challenges also facing IIS since it is a field that requires skills in carrying out their duties effectively.

  • Poor internet connectivity and low funding.

  • The influence on the public is minimal, even on government schemes and programs, since their work is recommended.

Friendly Conclusion

Conclusively, Indian information services officers are the media managers for the Indian government. They are commonly referred to as the media arms of the Indian government; they act as a link between the general public and the government by serving as a conduit for information and communication.

IIS Officers serve in many capacities, such as, as spokespersons for many constitutional bodies, such as the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Electoral Commission of India, respectively.

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